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Journal of Therapeutic Horticulture 23.1 - 2013

  • Psychological and Biological Response to Three Landscapes in Japan: A Pilot Study; Seiko Goto, Naveed Kamal, Helene Puzio, Eijiro Fujii, and Karl Herrup
  • The Effect of a Reflective Garden Walking Program; Ruth McCaffrey, DNP, FNP-BC, GNP-BC FAAN, Susan B Raddock Distinguished Professor
  • Gardens and Therapeutic Horticulture in an Acute Healthcare Setting: Opportunities Provided by the Blooming Backyard Project at Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney; Julieanne Hilbers and Anna Satharasinghe
  • The Portland Memory Garden: A Therapeutic Resource on Public Land; Patty Cassidy, MA, HTR

Journal of Therapeutic Horticulture 22.2 - 2012

  • Outdoor Environments at Crisis Shelters in Denmark; Victoria L. Lygum, Ulrika K. Stigsdotter, Cecil C. Konijnendijk, and Henriette HĂžjberg
  • A Review of Design Recommendations for Outdoor Areas at Healthcare Facilities; Shureen Faris Abdul Shukor, Ulrika K. Stigsdotter, and Kjell Nilsson
  • Engaging Clients Through the Therapeutic Use of Self; Barbara Kreski

Journal of Therapeutic Horticulture 22.1 - 2012

  • How do Participants in Nature-Based Therapy Experience and Evaluate Their Rehabilitation?; Eva Sahlin, Josefa Vega Matuszczyk, Gunnar Ahlborg, Jr. and Patrik Grahn
  • Visual Preference for Garden Design: Appreciation of the Japanese Garden; Seiko Goto, PhD
  • The Application of a Horticultural Therapy Program for Preschool Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder; Karen M. Flick

Journal of Therapeutic Horticulture 21.2 - 2011

  • Growing Minds: Gardening and Parent Involvement in Elementary Schools; Roxanne Boyer, Amy L. McFarland, Jayne M. Zajicek and Tina M. Waliczek
  • The Relationship between Gardening and Depression among Individuals with Disabilities; Justin F. Wilson and Keith M Christensen
  • Pregnancy and Place: Creating Therapeutic Gardens for Maternity Care Patients; Lara M. Browning & Sungkyung Lee

Journal of Therapeutic Horticulture 21.1 - 2011

  • Weeds and Seeds: Reflections from a Gardening Project for Juvenile Offenders; Sarah E. Twill, PhD, MSW, Tara Purvis, and Michael Norris, PhD
  • The Use of Horticulture in the Treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in a Private Practice Setting; Howard Z. Lorber, LCSW
  • Development of the Neuro Critical Care Unit Garden at Emory University Hospital; Jack Carman, FASLA, Kirk Hines, HTR, Marguerite Koepke, MLA, ASLA, and Owen Samuel, MD
  • Grandparent Gardening Gifts: The Enduring Gifts Grandparents Can Offer Their Grandchildren; Charles E. Majuri, Ph.D., HTR, QMHP;  (no abstract)

Journal of Therapeutic Horticulture 20 - 2010

  • Therapeutic Garden Design and Veterans Affairs: Preparing for Future Needs; P. Annie Kirk, BSW, MLA, ASLA, ANLD, Alee Karpf, MS, CTRS, HTR, and Jack Carman, FASLA, RLA, CAPS
  • Development of the Nature-Based Therapy Concept for Patients with Stress-Related Illness at the Danish Healing Forest Garden Nacadia; Sus Sola Corazon, Ulrika K. Stigsdotter, Anne Grete Claudi Jensen, and Kjell Nilsson
  • A Descriptive Study of the Training and Practice of American Horticultural Therapy Association Members; Jean M. Larson, Ph.D., Lija Greenseid, Ph.D., and Mary Hockenberry Meyer, Ph.D.
  • Botanical Gardens: Fertile Soil for the Practice of Horticultural Therapy; Lesley L. Fleming, MA, HTR and Gwen J. Dutrizac, Ph.D., C.Psych

Journal of Therapeutic Horticulture 19 - 2009

  • Integrating Horticulture into the Vocational Rehabilitation Process of Individuals with Fatigue, Chronic Fatigue, and Burnout: A Theoretical Model; Patrick Millet, Ph.D.
  • Survey of Horticultural Therapy Programs in Tennessee; Jenny C. Pfeffer, Dennis E. Deyton and J. Mark Fly
  • It’s More Than Seeing Green: Exploring the Senses through Gardening; Amy Wagenfeld, PhD, OTR/L, MG, HTR, CAPS
  • A New Model for Horticultural Therapy Documentation in a Clinical Setting; Nancy Chambers, HTR
  • A Theoretical Perspective for Using Horticultural Therapy with Children; Charles E. Majuri, Ph.D; (no abstract)

Journal of Therapeutic Horticulture 18 - 2007-2008

  • Effect of Horticultural Therapy on Preventing the Decline of Mental Abilities of Patients with Alzheimer’s Type Dementia; Sonia J. D’Andrea, HTR, MSEd, CTRS, Mitchell Batavia, PhD, PT and Nicole Sasson, MD
  • The Psychosocial Benefits of Exposure to Natural Settings in Long-term Care: An Evaluation of the Wellness Garden Program at Glacier Hills Retirement Community; Suzanne Perry Slavens, MS, MPH
  • The Use of Therapeutic Horticulture in Cancer Support; Sheila B. Taft, HTR
  • Affordances of Ward and Garden in the Restorative Process of Hospitalized Children; Ismail Said and Mohd Sarofil Abu Bakar
  • Development of Assessment Standards and a Computerized Assessment Tool for Use in Prevocational Horticulture Training Programs for Head-Injured Individuals; P. N. Williams, C. Kissel Bales, T. M. Waliczek and J. M. Zajicek

Journal of Therapeutic Horticulture 17 - 2006

  • Volunteer Rutgers Master Gardeners Promote the Growth of Horticultural Therapy in their Community; Madeline Flahive DiNardo and Katherine Sabatino
  • The Importance of Community Gardening for Homeless Women: A Pilot Study; Cathy A. Pierce and Linda M. Seals
  • Heritage Alzheimer’s Garden: A Post-Occupancy Assessment; Emily Diehl Schlenker, PsyD, RN, CHN, RMT
  • Skills and Theories to Inform Horticultural Therapy Practice; Matthew J. Wichrowski MSW, HTR
  • An Empirical Approach to Feng Shui in Terms of Psychological Well-being; Ke-Tsung Han, Ph.D.
  • Therapeutic Gardening with Physical Rehabilitation Patients; Brenda Lantz

Journal of Therapeutic Horticulture 16 - 2005

  • The Potential on the Doorstep: The Importance of Gardens in the Psychological Well-being of Older People; Sue Jackson
  • Bio-monitoring Human Heart Rate and Caloric Expenditure Responses to Horticultural Activity; Mitsukimi Sugimoto, Hyejin Cho, and Richard H. Mattson
  • An Exploration of the Meaning and Effects of Horticultural Therapy on Human Health and Well-Being; Debra L. Fetherman, Alan Levine, Stephen Burke and Mary Alice Golden
  • A Horticultural Therapy Probation Program: Community Supervised Offenders; Bill Hale, Gary Marlowe, Richard H. Mattson, Ph.D., Jimmy Don Nicholson and C.A. Dempsey, Ed.D.; (No abstract)

Journal of Therapeutic Horticulture 15 - 2004

  • Horticultural Therapy for Institutionalized Older Adults and Persons with Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias: A Study and Practice; Caryl Gormly Gurski, MS, OTR
  • Horticultural Therapy in a Mental Health Day Program; Janet Szofran, BSN, HTR & Susan Meyer, DSN
  • Horticultural Therapy in a Classroom for Learning Disabled Children; Bella S. Schimmel, M.D., Ph.D., HTR
  • Factors Affecting Choice of Horticultural Therapy at the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine; Bracha Orr, Richard Mattson, Ph.D., Nancy Chambers, and Matthew Wichrowski
  • Therapeutic Horticulture for People Living with Cancer: The Healing Gardens Program at Cancer Lifeline in Seattle; Sheila B. Taft, HTR