Educational Opportunities for Horticultural Therapy

There are a variety of educational opportunities for those interested in learning more about horticultural therapy. Programs are offered through accredited certificate programs or through colleges or universities. Individuals interested in becoming a horticultural therapist need to read adn understand the AHTA Professional Registration Policies and Procedures.  It is the student's responsibility to be sure their coursework meets the requirements listed in the policies and procedures. 

AHTA Accredited Certificate Programs

Horticultural therapy certificate programs are instructional programs for college credit that are designed to provide a foundation in the theory and application of horticultural therapy for diverse populations.  Accreditation further assures that the program achieves designated outcomes for the institutions as well as AHTA's educational requirements and is consistent with their respective goals and objectives.  Graduates of certificate programs are not 'certified' horticultural therapists.  They receive a certificate of completion of horticultural therapy coursework. 

For a list of AHTA accredited horticultural therapy certificate programs, click here.

For a list of college or university programs that offer at least one course in horticultural therapy, click here