March 18th, 2013 to March 24th, 2013

National Horticultural Therapy Week is traditionally celebrated in March, the week that spring begins! This is a week of professional recognition for our efforts to promote the field of horticultural therapy.  Each year, AHTA coordinates efforts among regional horticultural therapy networking groups, affiliated HT programs, and AHTA members to collaborate in staging the celebration on the national and local level. 

Representative activities might include...

  • Hosting an event during the week to celebrate HT programming at your facility
  • Sending out flyers to highlight HT's benefits
  • Starting a new garden in your community with the help of your clients
  • Inviting a local politician to a garden party with ongoing HT activities
  • Creating flower arrangements for your offices to call attention to the celebration
  • Hosting a workshop at a local library on HT activities
  • Presenting on HT at a local spring garden fair 
  • Distributing flyers on HT at area Botanic Gardens
  • Planting a bed of pansies to spell out National Horticultural Therapy Week!

The list is endless. Hosting such events or activities brings recognition to your program, as well as to the profession. National Horticultural Therapy Week is an opportunity to focus your--and your community's-- attention on your accomplishments and your profession. It is also important to share with your colleagues all that you are doing to encourage others to join this effort! 

Take time out to celebrate National Horticultural Therapy Week. Spring is an ideal time for each and every horticultural therapist to restore, refresh, and reconnect with our wonderful AHTA colleagues and worthy professional ideals.