HT is in the news!

This section is a round-up of what is being said about horticultural therapy in the media. This useful repository of articles allows you to observe how these programs position their horticultural therapy offerings and what types of organizations might be interested in providing HT services. You will see a variety of populations represented here that all benefit from HT. Find inspiration for a few talking points to help launch conversations with professional communities or prospective employers. You may even spot a promising source for potential grants. 


BusinessMirror; Sept. 1, 2014

ANYONE who gardens regularly can tell you the psychological, physical and social benefits they gain from the experience. But research is beginning to confirm this, and gardening as a method for therapy is growing in popularity...

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Leesburg (LA) Daily Leader; August 15, 2014

There’s value in gardening far beyond a summer crop of tomatoes. Gardening has long been understood as a way to relax and reconnect with nature, but more research is showing that horticulture therapy can be used to treat a...

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South China Morning Post; August 5, 2014

It's the last class of horticulture therapy for the year at Christian Alliance Toi Shan Primary School in Ma On Shan, and students file into the classroom wondering what they're going to do.

The group of 10 SEN (...

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The New Indian Express; July 26, 2014

Special kids in the state could soon find a ‘friend’ who requires their care, affection and, in return, could help them learn and grow.  

Officials of the Centre for Disability Studies (CDS), who plan to...

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WDBJ-TV7; Blacksburg, VA. July 21, 2014

The American Horticultural Therapy Association cites research that gardening can be therapeutic. It can help those suffering from mental illnesses like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Gardening is also known to help improve memory,...

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The Vancouver Sun; July 17, 2014

Dorothy Braun, with the assistance of her walker, walks after breakfast into the centre courtyard of Tabor Village’s complex care home to check on the growth of the tomatoes. She picks a ripe cherry tomato and smiles as she bites...

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Science World Report; July 15, 2014

New research found that setting up gardens in care homes offer positive therapeutic benefits to people suffering from dementia.

Several pieces of research, conducted earlier, highlight how garden therapy can help in...

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The Baltimore Sun; June 13, 2014

People with medical and social needs work in the fields and the greenhouses.

On a drive along Cromwell Bridge Road east of Towson, you'll notice a classic white barn surrounded by a stretch of wooden fencing. Follow the...

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The Telegraph; May 31, 2014

Why does coaxing seeds into growth or a fierce pruning session refresh the spirits so? Psychiatrist Sue Stuart-Smith examines the value of gardening as therapy.

Most gardeners would prefer to be busy in the garden, rather than think about...

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The Durango Herald; May 18, 2014

Before you head out to the backyard to begin turning over the soil and planting perfect rows of purple pansies, you might like to know your gardening efforts are doing more than beautifying the neighborhood: They are actually making you...

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